Silent Disco at the Shard

My friends and I always try to do interesting things, especially if we head into London.

My friend Chantelle and I last year went to a Silent Disco at the Natural History Museum in Kensington and had an amazing time! It was a Friday night and we were tired after work, not really feeling it and wondering if we should just go home. We decided to stay for a little bit, but once we were there, ended up staying until the end!

You can see why! We got to party with Dippy! 

(Funny video of Chantelle and I singing and dancing to different songs! 😂😂 Facebook Video)

I knew that they did a Silent Disco at the Shard and I had looked into going. Chantelle decided that we should go for her 24th birthday and of course, I was up for it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

We went to Las Iguanas beforehand at Lakeside for her birthday meal, before seven of us got the train to London Bridge.

Now annoyingly, earlier that week, I had sprained my ankle 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ but that didn’t stop me. I’m sure my look of bandage and wedges will catch on 😂 I did have to rest a couple of times during the night, but I powered through. This event had been booked since Eurovision and I was not missing it! 

If you’ve never been to a silent disco, you need to go to one! If you have been, you’ll know how much fun they are! 😎

Basically, you have three DJs and three channels on your headphones. You can switch between the three all night and rock out to any of the songs playing at any given time. There were times when two awesome songs were playing and you had to stick with one, or you had to constantly flick between the two songs. I had this when ‘Sorry’ by Bieber was playing and ‘This is what I came for’ playing.  Decisions! 

At a silent disco, you can get lost in the music and it’s all you can hear. Obviously you can take your headphones off and then it gets weird. You can’t hear any music, but all you can now hear is people singing different songs all about once 😂 and sometimes, especially when people have been drinking, the sound is horrendous!

In this video, some of my friends are discussing how weird it is hearing people sing without music!

Putting that aside, it’s still so much fun!

It was incredibly cool to dance and sing along with such a spectacular view of the London skyline.

And of course, when this tune came on, the whole place was sitting loudly!

The Silent Disco at the Shard was so totally awesome and just an all around cool experience. 

TimeOut run the silent discos and will be holding them at the Shard every Saturday until the end of September. It’s £37.50 per person and it lasts from 10pm to 2pm. It’s so much fun and such a good night out. So definitely don’t miss out! 


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