Yo It’s Science Bitch!Β 

If you haven’t watched the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’, seriously where have you been?! Go and watch it now, then come back to this blog. (That might be a while considering there are 5 seasons!)

I will admit that I wasn’t a Breaking Bad fan when the very beginning and I was one of those who stupidly didn’t watch it because everyone was talking about it.

When I finished my dissertation at uni, I decided that was the time to see if I liked the show. And I never looked back.

Seriously, I would spend days just watching the show, staying up all hours, little sleep because I wanted to continue watching the show. It is just so damn good!

(Although I did have a dickhead guy try and spoil it for me on Twitter, but luckily I was warned and stayed away until I had finished the show and could send a bitchy reply!)

It’s a show all my family love too, and this proves it. We all watched the first episode together and then the next day I had work. I came home to find my family were on episode 8. This basically meant that I had to either stay out or hide out in my room to avoid spoilers. When I would come home, the TV would be briefly paused and I would be stared at until I quickly exited the roomπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. That’s how addictive the show is!

A while ago, I saw my friend Vanessa had taken her boyfriend to a Breaking Bad pop up bar in London and I was immediately jealous and wanted to go. I kept that in the back of mind, hoping to have a chance to go myself. 

Like I said, my family is a huge fan of Breaking Bad, including my sister who has a poster of quotes up in her room. 

I decided to treat her sister to this Breaking Bad experience for her 21st birthday.

The RV cocktail bar is now a permanent fixture in London (I know that it went to Paris briefly) and it can be found Shoreditch way. The nearest tube station is Bethnal Green and it is quite a way from the station (my sister will definitely vouch for that!) It is on Hackney Road, next to the Just Fab food trucks.

I found the website ABQ London, which has its name as Breaking Bad is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico for those of you who maybe did not know.

The website was totally awesome and it told me everything I needed to know.

Β£30 gets you a welcome drink and two molecular cocktails. You have two hours from your chosen time.  

I know that it is also available for private hire and more details can be found on the website. 

All the cocktails are linked to Breaking Bad and are amazing. The Walter Jr. breakfast was a little bizarre as I literally had a bowl of Rice Krispies, as well as everything else! I had the Gale (pure coffee), obviously he Walter Jr. Breakfast, I Fucked Ted (just alcohol) and the CRT Fix (which I loved!)

Our time was at 8pm so we were expecting to have to be out at 10pm, giving us the two hours to enjoy the experience.

The guys in there talk like Jesse Pinkman, calling everyone bitch and constantly yo yo. They were completely awesome and so helpful throughout the night.

When we arrived, we found the infamous yellow hazard suits waiting for us, as well as the masks and goggles if we so wished. Everyone had to put the hazard suits on, before they were served their welcome drink.

We were given a mojito, with a syringe sticking out of it. When you added whatever was in the syringe to the drink, it changed colour. Really nice drink!

Like I previously mentioned, I ordered the I Fucked Ted and the CRT Fix as my included cocktails.

Now it’s not as simple as just being given your drinks. There’s the whole science of mixology. You get given instructions on what to do next. This might include adding magic powder to your drinks, grinding up nuts, getting hot water, using dry ice and many many more.

Let’s just say: that’s science bitch! 😎

We had so much fun making the drinks and obviously the more we had to drink, (and they were strong ones!) the more difficult it became!

I think this was one of those moments πŸ˜‚


There was a reminder for the half 7 people that they only had 10 minutes left. My sister and I knew that we had roughly half an hour so we planned just to enjoy the time we had left.

The couple opposite us left and two Italian guys arrived. We were soon becoming pals and helping them with their friends, now that we were so knowledgable.

Other new people started to arrive for their time and my sister and I realised that it was now our time was up. We still had a bit of our drinks to finish, so we decided to finish them and see when we were told our time was up.

Only thing was that never happened! No one new turned up to take ours or any more of the seats. The guys even came over and asked if we would like to order more cocktails, which we happily accepted. Now we had already had our two included cocktails, so these ones were additional costs.

We stayed in the RV, in the land of Breaking Bad, for about 3 and a half hours! And I loved every second!

Throughout the night, the main ‘cooks’ would talk to the crowd, going through instructions etc, but they kept up their characters extremely well. 

They asked if anyone hadn’t seen the show and a couple of hands did go up. There’s no doubt in my mind that they are now watching the show.

The atmosphere was brilliant all night long, with songs from the show playing or songs you could have a bit of a dance to, such as Gangsta’s Paradise 😎 and Because I Got High πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This was such an awesome tune played throughout the night. Check it out! Breaking Bad Meets Metal

I would recommend this RV bar to anyone and everyone, even if you haven’t seen the show or God forbid, you claim not to be a fan of it!

It is such an amazing night out and the cocktails are just so damn good!

Definitely check out ABQ London!!!!


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